What is Sensor Cleaning?

Sensor cleaning is a routine cleaning service to inter-changeable* lens cameras, to remove dust/debris that obsturcts light reaching pixels of the image sensor. These dark particle "shadows" are visible on some (not all) images, but are very noticable on pictures taken at small lens apertures (high F-stop) in blank image areas.
*Sensor cleaning services apply to DSLR/DSLT/mirrorless cameras only - for fixed-lens cameras please goto Break-Fix Repair

Why choose a CCD clean?

CCD cleans are performed by experienced technicians, using industry standard/approved products, and include:
1. Foreign matter removal from sensor area/mirror-box.
2. DSLR focus screen & main mirror cleaning.
3. Fully professional imager cleaning service.
4. Before/after cleaning image demonstration.
5. FREE technician advice/tips on correct camera care.

To order online, choose a CCD service option...


$80 flat fee at check-in
Completion within 5 business days


$120 flat fee at check-in
Completion within 48hrs (2 business days)


$160 flat fee at check-in
Completion within 4hrs (same business day)

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