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Our History.

CCD Camera Service was born in 2006 to provide convenient, fully professional camera-only service for Geelong & surrounding customers. CCD technicians are qualified electronic experts, manufacturer-trained with 30+ years of service experience on all brands/models of photographic & video products.


sample-image Opening in 2006, our Ryrie Street office operated for 7 years until street traffic/parking issues for our customers forced a CCD relocation. In 2017 we decided to further improve our business convenience/availabilty for our valued customers by removing CBD construction & parking issues completely. So, we changed our 9-5 Mon-Fri shopfront into...CCD Camera Service - 24/7.


Our "new" business model is designed for today's busy customers. This means, our CCD office in McKillop Street is open any time YOU choose - 7 days a week & it's also parking-meter free! The way we do it is simple, when you book an appointment to visit us, we make our business open for you...

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We service photographic products...


We service video products...


We also repair* waterproof & film cameras too!

*CCD acceptance terms & conditions apply to these products.

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