Our War On Waste.

We believe in reduce, reuse & recycle...why not join the CCD Green Army?

Help Us Save The Planet!

Donate your unwanted photo/video equipment by post or in-person.
By contributing to the CCD Green Initiative, you can help us reduce waste/landfill by restoring your outdated product into good-working order again, or assisting someone in need of a perfectly working salvage part or camera accessory.

  • Donate By Post: CCD Camera Service
    PO Box 435,
    Geelong VIC 3220

We're happy to accept any photo/video product donation to reduce waste/landfill & possibly fix/reuse again or recycle for salvage parts. Faulty or working, old or new, any brand/model of camera equipment - including any lens, flash, battery, charger, cable etc.

Donate In-Person